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QQQ (Nasdaq 100) --> 59.0 %/yr
SPY (S&P 500) --> 25.5 %/yr
Ryvyx/Ryvnx (Nasdaq 100 X2) --> 249 %/yr

(Avg/Yr Since Inception - Dec. 2006)

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with the most recent data shown in the Member's area.

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designed to consistently grow your money in both up and down   QTimer is
a proprietary financial market tracking model that is markets and

The chart above shows the actual gains for trading the Q's since 2006.

  • Most people don't have the time to actively trade stocks throughout the
    day.  Therefore, for those who what to manage their investments,
    QTimer provides a trading signal (by email and at the QTimer.com
    website) that the members can use as a basis for trading between any
    number of equities.  This can be done at the members convenience
    during the day or in the evening.

  • The purpose of QTimer.com is to maximize gains while keeping things
    simple.  There's no guess work or subjectivity.  Just read you email
    and/or check the Member's web page and exchange your account
    using the signal change announcements.  No timing system is perfect
    but QTimer has shown a high probability of success.

  • Click the "Gains" link, on the navagation bar to see the results of using
    QTimer to trade different equities (QQQ, SPY and Rydex X2 funds).  To
    protect the members, these spreadsheets do not show the most recent
    trades.  QTimer is very ROBUST!  It works well with many different

  • The "Methodology" link provides information on how to use the trading

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This graph shows the results of the actual data provided
our members since 2006.  It is not backtested data.